24hr Emergency Care

Providing 24hr emergency care is all part of the legal obligation of every veterinary centre and lies at the heart of our veterinary oath & profession. We at The Ark are delighted to be able to manage and maintain our own Out of Hours Emergency Service to our clients at their normal surgery.

A dedicated veterinary surgeon supported by nursing staff will assess and monitor your pet 24hrs a day as required and determined by the vet on call here at the surgery. The veterinary surgeon will liase with you directly out of hours and will also arrange hospital visiting times so that your pet can be re-united, if only briefly, over week-ends or holiday periods with you and your family.

We hope you will never need to use our emergency service, but if the situation does arise, you will be able to rest a little more assured to know that a veterinary surgeon will be available as soon as possible to put your worries aside and take charge of your poorly one. We all know people worry about calling the vet out, but if you’re worried enough to phone us we will always be anxious to see your pet for you – it’s what we do.

Here are some of the emergencies, you may have :-

  • car accident
  • poisoning
  • difficulty in breathing
  • acute vomiting / diarrhoea
  • bloat – stomach dilatation

Of course, there will be times when you are not sure –

  • Is it really an emergency or is my pet’s life in danger ?
  • Is my pet suffering ?

If you are at all uncertain, then call us, even for advice, by telephoning      01789  261471

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