Pet advice

Remembering everything in normal life can be extremely difficult. Imagine then what it might be like under times of greater stress, such as, bereavement, divorce, or just moving house. Invariably we become unintentionally forgetful – things just slip us by and before we know it deadlines have been missed.
Some deadlines may not be too important but in the veterinary world our animals always get left to ‘manage’. Sure, if the family pet is unwell it gets the attention it requires, but all too often it gets forgotten.

General tips and advice for managing your animal household :-

General advice about caring for your pet :-

How to shampoo your dog – coming soon – you may wish to call Jan Knott at WoofCutz, in Luddington for all your grooming needs on 01789  750363 if you fancy giving some-one else the task !
How to clean your dog’s ears – coming soon
How to clean your cat’s ears – coming soon
How to give your cat a tablet – coming soon

You can also learn more about various diseases in cats and dogs using the links provided below :-

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