Practice tour

Front of house & Car parking

Our beautiful surgery premises.
With a separate IN – OUT drive, we have ample parking for approximately 20 cars directly in front of the surgery. This car park is lit at night. It will also allow horse and livestock trailers plenty of turning space, should you wish to bring your animals to us. Not just for cars, we have a little grassed area for those little toilet stops our pet’s sometime need.



Our front desk is available from 8.30am until 7pm  week-days and from 8.30am  until 1pm  on Saturdays. Our dedicated reception staff can help you with making appointments, scheduling surgery and with dispensing medicines. They are often able to assist you by answering the many questions you may have about your pet and the services we can offer.



Consulting rooms

We have 2 main consulting rooms with veterinary surgeons available and a consulting room operated by our trained nursing staff. For obvious illness and for specific veterinary advice you will be referred to a veterinary surgeon, although our nurses will be able to help your pet with minor procedures, eg: nail clipping and dietary advice for example. You will be able to ask to see a specific member of staff, if you wish, and these requirements should be made known to the reception staff at the time of booking an appointment.


Nurse consulting room

Our nurse consulting room is available and manned by our qualified nurses. Our nurses operate a wide variety of services, including geriatric, weight watchers, diabetes and behavioural clinics. They are also available to clip claws, administer flea and worm treatments and chip your pet, as well as being able to advise you on a host of other areas.




Operating rooms

We have 2 operating theatres able to perform all manner of surgery. They have most of the modern equipment expected of a busy mixed practice and have full x-ray facilities.





The Hospital

We have 13 individual stainless steel cages for dogs, cats and other animals. We also have isolation facilities should these be required. They are maintained and cleaned to the highest standards, providing warmth and security to our patients.





We have a large range of in-house laboratory facilities allowing us to perform some of the many tests that modern practices require. The tests provide reliable results quickly to help diagnose and treat your pet’s illness more effectively as soon as we can.




Garden / Exercise area

We feel it very important that our hospitalised patients have access to the normal outside comforts of home. The garden is totally secure though dogs are never let off the lead for obvious reasons. Only one dog is exercised at any one time and always under nursing supervision. We hope they enjoy the little comforts we offer here.
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