Blood Pressure Monitoring

Heart and circulatory disease can affect any animal and careful monitoring of blood pressure is something most of us have had done by our doctors at some stage in our lives.

Blood pressures can be low, but more commonly high and, as with humans, complications, such as strokes, are more commonly seen in those  patients with high blood pressure. We see it mainly in the cat as a sequel to kidney or heart disease.

Should your pet develop problems relating to the circulation, it may be necessary to measure the blood pressure. This can be done easily, without pain and without anaesthesia, but needs several measurements to get an average reading. As with man, worry and stress can artificially raise blood pressure giving an incorrect reading. So, we take our time.

We like to settle our patients into our hospital for the morning and under quiet, controlled conditions measure their blood pressure 3-4 times using our Doppler blood pressure monitor.

The results are available when you come to collect your pet and the findings discussed with your vet at that time.

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